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CBS News


60 Minutes interviews Mark Owen, member of Navy SEAL Team 6, and author of “No Easy Day.”

Entertainment Weekly

Anthony Breznican 


An interview with Academy Award winning writer-producer, Mark Boal, and a first look at the teaser trailer for Zero Dark Thirty.

The New York Times

Declan Walsh


An article in which one of bin Laden’s wives provides details of his nine years on the run during which he moved among five safe houses and fathered four children.

The Telegraph 

Gordon Rayner


An article highlighting the many critical turns in the hunt for bin Laden, including his escape from a devastating attack in 1998. 

CNN Wire Staff 


A report on the elimination of the controversial Homeland Security Advisory System.


BBC Wire Service 


A report from 2009 in which US Defense Secretary Robert Gates claims “no reliable information” on bin Laden’s whereabouts.

CBS News

Daniel Schorn


A preview of the 60 Minutes report in which Osama’s former bodyguard relates his first-hand experiences with the world’s most wanted man. 

Kelli Arena


A 2008 article discussing President-elect Barack Obama’s commitment to renewing the effort to find bin Laden.

The Washington Post

Karen De Young


A article on the internal workings of Al-Qaeda’s leadership, including details of a recovered letter from one of bin Laden’s compatriots.